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ID: P114A2
Apartments 1+1 in a  luxury residential complex in Alanya with its own private beach.
Alanya - Mahmutlar
400 - 600 m.

Price: 57 000 €

ID: P100A2
A new residential complex under construction, 100 meters from the sea in Alanya, Kargicak.
Alanya - Kargicak
50 - 200 m.

Price: 69 000 € - 84 000 €

ID: P144A2
New spacious apartments 1+1 in Alanya, Mahmutlar.
Alanya - Mahmutlar
400 - 600 m.

Price: 60 000 € - 73 000 €

ID: P119A2
High-quality residential complex in Alanya, Mahmutlar, with all conditions for your comfortable life.
Alanya - Mahmutlar
600 - 800 m.

Price: 36 000 € - 59 000 €


Reason №1: Perspective and stability

Turkey's impressive economic performance over the last decade, as well as strategic plans and projects, which implementation are expected in the near future, contribute to the formation of a large investment potential in the real estate sector in Turkey. Strong financial structure, stable to the effects of the global financial crisis, correct macroeconomic strategy, together with prudent financial policies and major structural reforms identified Turkey's place in the world economic ratings as the exceptionally developing economy and made the country one of the main recipients of foreign direct investment in the region.

Reason №2: Strategic geographic location

Strategic geographic location is one of the bonuses of working with Turkey, because this country is a natural bridge between the eastern and western parts, and between the southern and northern parts. It gives the possibility to substantially reduce the costs of entry into the main markets.

Reason №3: Affordability of housing and low expenses

A large choice of properties from the very affordable to the elite ones. New projects of residential complexes and office centers, implemented in Turkey in recent years, have left far behind European countries on the quality of construction, the application of modern technologies and the level of comfort. At the same, time property prices in Turkey are low compared to other European countries. According to experts, today in Turkey, quality / price ratio in real estate is one of the best in the world.
Food prices, taxes, and the annual cost of maintaining the property in Turkey also lower than in Europe. If competently build your life, the life in Turkey can be quite budgetary pleasure.
Property prices in Turkey are constantly growing, 10-15% per year, which makes the purchase of real estate a very profitable investment. There are two most important points for foreign investors in Turkey: a guarantee that the value of the acquired property will grow every year, as well as an excellent reputation of the state as a whole in the field of investment.

Reason №4: Easy registration of property in Turkey

The process of registration of real estate in Turkey is transparent and fully supported by the Turkish legislation. Property rights are priority. This provision guarantees the right of buyers to acquire, use, sell or bequeath the property at its own discretion. Besides, the procedure of buying property and registration of all papers takes little time and requires a minimum of documents.

Reason №5: The absence of borders and accessibility

  • Simplified visa regime, and, for many countries the visa regime absent at all.
  • Year-round air transportation from most countries of the world both by regular and charter flights. Low prices for flights. In addition, the country is open several seas and borders, so it can be reached by sea and by land. Just a few hours and you can already be in your apartment or villa by the sea.

Reason №6: The residence permit

Availability of real estate in Turkey gives the right to obtain a residence permit, and thereafter, if desired, citizenship.

Reason №7: Comfortable climate and nature

Magnificent nature, carefully protected by the state.
Great weather at the seaside throughout the year, particularly on the Mediterranean coast - more than 300 sunny days a year, and even in winter the temperature does not drop below +15 °C in the day time.
The coastline length of 8,000 km. Beaches awarded by the International Blue Flag for cleanliness of coastal waters.

Reason №8: A variety of holiday

The ability to diversify the leisure, regardless of the time of year. Everyone will find rest to their own taste: beach vacation, yachting, scuba diving, rafting, fishing. There are tennis, golf, skiing for the fans of sports. A curious traveler will find here a Roman amphitheater, ancient Byzantine churches, Seljuk caravanserais and, of course, the mosque of the Ottoman Empire.

Reason №9: Easy adaptation

The hospitality of Turkey contributes to easy and fast adaptation in the country. The friendly and loyal attitude of the local population helps visitors quickly feel in Turkey like at home.
They would willingly come to the rescue, even if you do not know a foreign language. Attitude to different faiths is very calm.

Reason №10: Health

Your own house is not comparable to any, even the best, hotel! With the house on the Mediterranean Sea, you are receiving as a gift a wonderful ecology, the endless sea, the sun, plenty of vegetables and fruits all year round, which means that you invest your money not just in real estate, but you invest also in your health and health of your children.


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